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On Real Life Cam, young European couples are looking to share their love life with the world. How exactly are they doing that? By having their apartments fitted with cameras so that you can be a voyeur and spy on their every move. Think of it like the TV show Big Brother, except when these couples have sex, they aren’t hiding under the bedsheets. In fact, you’ll see all the nudity and sex unfold on HD webcams with microphones that capture every little moan and groan. You’ll really feel like a fly on the wall. Sure, sometimes the pair of them is just chilling and hanging out, but more often than not, they’re getting wild in the bedroom.

Site Features

  • Choose among 25 different apartments.
  • Option to hide inactive rooms.
  • HD webcams with a night-vision mode.
  • Auto-follow feature.
  • Popular active apartments and replays displayed prominently.

User Benefits

  • The option to activate five streams at once allows you to watch all the couples you love at the same time, without having to switch between them.
  • The interactive map with motion detection lights up when movement is detected, letting you get to it quickly before missing any of the action.
  • Their RLC function lets you connect your smartphone and use it as a remote control to switch between cameras and operate various display functions.
  • Their replay function is available for up to 7 days, which means you’ll never miss a show.

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